Our Story

Human Chemistry is a firm of Business Psychologists who are experts in assessment and behaviour change. We are involved in the ‘artful’ science of gaining insight into the capability, values, potential and behaviour of people in the workforce, typically focusing on management and executive level. We use our insights to help clients lift the performance and productivity of their key people. 

Since 2001, Human Chemistry has been delivering commercial, practical solutions to the market using Business Psychology principles. In this time, we have assessed thousands of people individually for selection or development purposes and even larger numbers as part of volume campaigns.

While based in Sydney, with a satellite in Melbourne, our reach is global as we provide services in all time zones courtesy of our online solutions.


Some points of difference...

Executive Know-how.  We deal with and assess executives in a fashion appropriate to their level of seniority.  Conventional testing is often not the right approach.

Commercial Relevance.  We understand the commercial pressures on your business.  Everyone in the team has extensive business experience.

Accurate Advice.  Our reputation is built on the correlation between what we observe and how people actually behave.  We deliver facts not guesses.

Customer-Centricity.  We don’t just supply “off-the-shelf” solutions.  We build tools around your business.